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In last month’s feature story, our team of data geeks shared their findings after combing through troves of recent research to get a better understanding of how advertisers’ needs are changing in the current economic climate.


This month, we spoke with two experts on association sponsorship programs to pick their brains on how associations can meet the evolving needs of their sponsors to grow non-dues revenue. Be sure to check out, What Sponsors Want, According to Experts.

We’ll be continuing the series next month, so feel free to share your opinions on the topic with us.


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Sponsors need clear ROI and targeted leads to counter tightening budgets in a tough economy. The one-size-fits-all association sponsorship programs of the past will no longer cut it. We spoke to two experts about how associations can build sponsorship programs that offer more value for sponsors while also driving deeper engagement with members. Their insights may change the way you think about sponsorships!

The State Bar of Texas needed a new program for its sponsors beyond banner ads on its website and newsletters, one that would provide advertisers with year-round business development opportunities. Here's how they did it, while enhancing member value without straining its internal resources.

We’re announcing a major new improvement to our platform this month, along with a new association partner in our always-expanding legal network. And be sure to check out what content is trending among association leaders on our Resource Library and LinkedIn channel.

The latest installment in our Association Executive Guide Series, our latest guide will show you step-by-step how associations are using online resource libraries to deliver more value to members and sponsors alike. And because not all resource libraries are the same, we lay out the foundational elements of a scalable program so that you can build a recurring stream of non-dues revenue for years to come.

Your sponsors and advertisers are facing shrinking marketing budgets and are under immense pressure to justify every dollar spent. Are your sponsorship programs optimized to meet their changing needs? We sifted through troves of research to understand the primary challenges marketers are coping with in the current economic climate. Find out what we learned, so you can shape your sponsorship programs accordingly.

If you’re deciding whether to build your own online Resource Library or to partner with a third-party company to handle the buildout for you, this handy guide will help you determine the best option for your organization.

We’ve been beating the drum as loudly as we can about why advertisers and sponsors should be supporting the associations in their industries. Join us in unleashing the power of association marketing by sharing this article with your sponsors!