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Every association has active social media channels by now. But if you’re not using social media to attract and engage with new prospective Gen Z and young Millennial members, you may be missing a big opportunity. This month’s feature offers a practical roadmap for how to use social media to recruit the next generation of members.


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Association membership is naturally declining as baby boomers — the largest membership cohort — age out of the workforce. So, where can associations turn to attract new members? Younger demographics spend a significant amount of time on social media. Here’s how to use it to your association’s advantage.

In-person events may still represent a cornerstone for member engagement and a key source for non-dues revenue, but are associations maximizing their potential? In this latest installment of our Association Executive Guide Series, learn how to supplement your events with a digital platform to expand their value and increase their utility for members and sponsors alike.

Not all content is created equal. Three association leaders explain the key characteristics your association should expect from quality content that will satisfy members and sponsors. You’ll discover real-life ways these associations are leveraging a cutting-edge digital Resource Library platform to provide value to members and significantly boost their non-dues revenue.

We’re announcing two new association partners. Plus, get the scoop on our first-ever SaaS program that allows your association the opportunity to license our interactive Resource Library platform. And find out what content is trending the most among association leaders like you!

The State Bar of Texas needed a new program for its sponsors beyond banner ads on its website and newsletters, one that would provide advertisers with year-round business development opportunities. Here's how they did it, while enhancing member value without straining its internal resources.

Michael Palacios, President of Lead Marvels, had the privilege of presenting at this year's Non-Dues-A-Palooza with a panel of our valued partners! Listen as Kelli Comegys (National Association of Enrolled Agents), Kristen Wells (Massachusetts Society of CPA's) and Moustafa Abdel-Kader (Association of Corporate Counsel) discuss how they use the Lead Marvels Resource Library platform to create value for their members and boost their non-dues-revenue.

Share this article with your sponsors and advertisers to show how association sponsorship programs are evolving. Gone are the days when your association marketing results spiked during the annual conference only to go dark for the remainder of the year. Now advertisers can generate warm, intent-based leads from actively engaged professionals every day of the year. Educate advertisers on the most important reasons to align their brand with your association.