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Last month we talked about how to build a sponsored content program that scales into a meaningful source of recurring non-dues revenue. In this month’s feature article, we offer three reasons why your sponsors want more sponsored content opportunities — And, of course, we’ll share how to give them just that.


Speaking of, what types of unique sponsored content opportunities does your association offer? Drop us a line to share what you’re doing – We’d love to feature you in an upcoming article.

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It’s true, sponsors love sponsored content. These three motives are just the beginning of the value they derive from investing in it. But what do associations get out of the deal? Find out why sponsored content should be at the top of your list for strategies to generate non-dues revenue — and how to build a scalable program that also offers value for your members.

The ability to deliver timely educational information that rises above the noise is central to an association’s value proposition. Learn how the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) uses its online Resource Library with real-time data analytics to zero in on content that connects — and a recurring monthly stream of non-dues revenue along the way.

Discover how we’re revolutionizing association content management with a new SaaS Licensing model for our interactive Resource Library platform. Enhance professional development, boost revenue, and gain critical insights on member engagement through analytics. A game-changer for associations seeking to elevate their digital presence and member engagement. Read more about this unique opportunity!

This month we’re announcing the first association to license our Resource Library platform under a newly available SaaS model. Plus, we offer a sneak peek at an upcoming release that will enable new association and publisher partners to launch their Resource Libraries more quickly to start generating non-dues revenue and driving deeper member engagement.

By curating content that aligns with both their members' interests and their sponsors' goals, associations can create a mutually beneficial ecosystem. When associations ensure that sponsored content maintains the quality and relevance expected by their members to preserve trust and engagement, it can generate non-dues revenue. Here’s how to do it at scale.

More than 100 associations across the country now feature our interactive Resource Library platform on their websites to grow member engagement while generating non-dues revenue. In this Guide, we break down step-by-step how our platform works, the benefits to members and sponsors, and why there is a growing number of associations signing onto the program each and every month.

Learn how transit software company TripShot tackled the challenge of continuous, year-round engagement with its target audience. By participating in the online Resource Library programs of trusted industry associations, TripShot is reaching actively engaged transportation industry association members and has maintained a remarkably high conversion rate.

In-person events may still represent a cornerstone for member engagement and a key source for non-dues revenue, but are associations maximizing their potential? In this installment of our Association Executive Guide Series, learn how to supplement your events with a digital platform to expand their value and increase their utility for members and sponsors alike.

Association membership is naturally declining as baby boomers — the largest membership cohort — age out of the workforce. So, where can associations turn to attract new members? Younger demographics spend a significant amount of time on social media. Here’s how to use it to your association’s advantage.