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When planning content for members, it’s hard to be all things for all people. Will your content add value to members and encourage deeper engagement? Do you have the resources to develop it? Can you build a monetization strategy around it?


This month’s feature story summarizes a roundtable discussion with three accomplished association leaders on how to develop content that checks all the boxes.

We’re curious — Have any tips or advice on how your association drives social media engagement?  Drop us a line if you’d be interested in being featured as an expert source in an upcoming article.

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Not all content is created equal. Three association leaders explain the key characteristics your association should expect from quality content that will satisfy members and sponsors. You’ll discover real-life ways these associations are leveraging a cutting-edge digital Resource Library platform to provide value to members and significantly boost their non-dues revenue.

The demand for information among your professional members is at an all-time high, and the traditional event-based model of member engagement is inadequate. In the latest installment in our Association Executive Guide Series, learn how your association’s content strategy can be a much more powerful lever to influence your organizational mission while increasing member engagement and growing loyalty.

Three new associations have signed on to partner with Lead Marvels this month, including two state societies of association executives. Also, our biggest update of the year is now live on one of our association partner’s websites. Plus, what content are your peers reading this month? Click to find out.

Engaging members is harder than ever, but many associations aren’t taking full advantage of the digital tools in their arsenal to connect with their members — Or they’re going about it the wrong way. We spoke with three experts on how associations should use social media to drive meaningful connections with members. Follow this roadmap to foster deeper member engagement.

Michael Palacios, President of Lead Marvels, had the privilege of presenting at this year's Non-Dues-A-Palooza with a panel of our valued partners! Listen as Kelli Comegys (National Association of Enrolled Agents), Kristen Wells (Massachusetts Society of CPA's) and Moustafa Abdel-Kader (Association of Corporate Counsel) discuss how they use the Lead Marvels Resource Library platform to create value for their members and boost their non-dues-revenue.

Listen in as Lead Marvels President, Michael Palacios, shares the top 3 things associations need to know when developing new sources for non-dues revenue.

When the Utah Association of CPAs (UACPA) and the Texas Society of CPAs (TXCPA) were looking for new ways to engage members, they found a solution that not only boosted member engagement, but it added new revenue without any investment in new technology or staff. Find out how.

We interviewed four marketing experts to learn how they’ve successfully built a robust sales pipeline by aligning their brands with associations in their industry. They shared their secrets with us — Feel free to share their insights with your sponsors!

There’s no shortage of email newsletters to keep you abreast of trends and opportunities in the association space, but which ones are the best? When we asked association leaders like you which email newsletters they love to read, these are the eight that came up most commonly.